Delivering the most effective obfuscation solutions for data privacy

Completing the Compliance Circle with
Structured and Unstructured data Masking

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Protecting data across the enterprise is critical. We obfuscate the data while maintaining the referential integrity across both structured and unstructured data, completing the compliance circle.


With over 25 years of experience in Data Privacy and information management expertise, our highly skilled team help ensure that projects are completed successfully.  Our high level of integrity and strong customer focus provide tangible results.

Application Development

Drawing on our deep experience and knowledge in data privacy, archiving and test data management, ABMartin partners with our customers to develop solutions that meet the most challenging IT security problems.

Ultimate solutions for data privacy

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We help transform your data with complete data protection and software solutions to maintain compliance and reduce risk across your enterprise

The U-Mask Obfuscation Platform

We help deliver the fastest and the most effective solutions for Data Privacy while still maintaining the integrity and look and feel of your data.

Other services by ABMartin include:

We follow industry standards and employ best practices to make sure that our clients are able to solve their data privacy and information management challenges. Leveraging our many years of experience in protecting the valuable data of consumers and assisting them to achieve real business value.


We understand our clients’ needs to protect their information across production and non-production environments. We sustain our client’s privacy by obfuscating data regardless of the type. All classified data is changed and de-identified to ensure privacy and compliance while maintaining the look and feel.


With more than 25 years of experience in Information Management, our team of highly skilled consultants, architects, and project managers work closely with the clients and make sure that the assigned project is completed within the given timeframe and budget.

Application development:

Combining our past experience and knowledge, we are able to develop solutions that meet the needs and challenges of the most complex IT security problems.

  • Information Management Services

    Test Data Management
    Data Privacy (both structured and unstructured)
    Application Retirement/ Decommissioning

  • Other Services

    Technical Consulting/Implementation Services
    Data Architecture and Best Practices
    Enablement and Training
    Trusted Advisor

  • Solutions

    UMask - Unstructure Data Module (UDM)
    Intelligent Redaction Module (IRM)
    File Reduction Module (FRM)