Obfuscation and Data Masking is an effective way to maintain compliance, pass audits, lessen the risks and protect sensitive data across the network. While there are many data obfuscation solutions available to help protect the database, many are unaware of the solutions that help protect unstructured data. A database or a business network is vulnerable without undertaking effective measures to secure the unstructured content.

UMask or Unstructured Data Masking by ABMartin helps complete the compliance circle by providing solutions for unstructured data such as images, PDF’s, MS Office Document, flat files, web logs, messages and many more. UMask can run separately or in combination with market leader for database privacy solutions such as IBM® Optim™  or Informatica’s Data Privacy to ensure complete security. With UMask, the companies can be assured that their Structured and Unstructured Content is protected across the enterprise.


According to studies, 80% of companies’ data resides in an unstructured environment. This number grows exponentially as more companies move to the “Cloud” and “Big Data” solutions.  Data that is stored in Microsoft Word, Share Point, and SQL etc are more susceptible to breaches which can result in a massive loss for the company. Companies should ensure the protection of their unstructured data is consistent with the structured data. UMask ensures this consistency and referential integrity by matching what was obfuscated on the structured side and takes that same fictitious data and applies it on the structured side.

Other UMask Modules

The IRM (Intelligent Redaction Module) replaces the real values of a document with similar values ensuring that the documents are safe and protected while keeping the same look and feel. The data can be “Redacted on the Fly” by displaying information based on the user’s permissions and obfuscating or changing sensitive data that may be outside of their authorization.

File Reduction Module (FRM) reduces the footprint of the unstructured files across your enterprise while sustaining their quality. By implementing FRM, you can save on storage costs, improve performance, and free up space from your network bandwidth.  Unlike compression and de-duplication where the files must be reconstituted, FRM address the problem directly on the file negating the need to have software to un-compress.

Data Privacy

Data Privacy Solutions help companies analyze the challenges faced by the IT departments in securing sensitive data in both production and non-production environments. By implementing ABMartin’s  Data Privacy Solutions, companies can have peace of mind that their structured and non-structured data is safe.


Sensitive data stored in test data management environments are more vulnerable to data breaches. Corporations lock down production systems leveraging the latest encryption and firewall leaving other environments exposed. The financial loss as a result of these breaches can be massive. Data masking is an effective technique used to maintain compliance, reduce the risk and protect sensitive data. There are many obfuscation solutions available help prevents data breaches and protects data. But what about content that is saved in Hadoop?

Hadoop allows the businesses to store and process large sets of data in a shared platform. Since large and growing data is stored in the data bank of Hadoop, integrating security can be difficult. A complete masking solution is required to maintain integrity in Hadoop and identify the requirements of the data. ABMartin’s UDM tool combined with prepackages Data Privacy Solutions help corporations in completing the compliance circle in the Hadoop environment.