Five Things US Businesses need to know about GDPR

GDPR or General Data Protection Regulation replaces a directive that has governed the processing of personal data in the European Union for the past 22 years. As the May 25, 2018 deadline approaches, Global companies are taking action to ensure that they are in compliance with these newest directives. In this white paper we define GDPR, highlight the key articles that companies should pay closest attention to and the substantial impact, financial and otherwise, on US companies

The Hole in Your Security Strategy

5 Essential Steps to Complete Your Compliance Circle

The average cost of a data breach has grown to $4 million per incident, which is up 30 percent from three years ago. One of your biggest vulnerabilities is test data in non-production environments. If you haven’t masked both your structured data (PII, PHI, and PCI information) and your unstructured data (customer bank statements, insurance claims, OpenText files, PDFs, etc.), your company is at risk. Download our white paper to learn the 5 essential steps to protect yourself.


  • U-Mask Platform

    Complete your compliance circle by obfuscating unstructured data such as PDFs, images, web logs, MS Office documents, flat files, and HL7 messages while maintaining referential integrity.

  • U-Mask File Reduction Module

    Reduce the footprint of unstructured data located across your enterprise by 60 to 80%.

  • U-Mask Unstructured Data Archiving Module

    Reduce your archived data footprint by moving files off production systems onto lower cost storage while still enabling access to the data.

  • iSeries/AS400 Health Check

    Our 6-point check up ensures you leverage and maximize your investments so you can save time, reduce running costs, and increase performance.