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January 27, 2017

Speaker – Allan Martin, the CTO of ABMartin LLC

Topic: The Hole in Your Data Security Strategy, structured and unstructured data protection techniques

In today’s marketplace, IT leaders spend a significant amount of time and money ensuring that their company’s data is secure. Even so, breaches are commonplace.  In 2015 alone, the Identity Theft Resource Center reported that in the U.S. there were 781 large-scale data breaches.

The biggest reason?  Access to data in non-production test environments.  Test data is necessary to support application development, quality assurance, and other mission-critical activities.  If this data is not secured internally and from external partners, it poses a huge security and compliance risk, not to mention significant costs.

In this discussion we will outline the essential steps that corporations should include within their overall security strategy to ensure all data; structured and unstructured, is protected.


Optim Data Privacy for Masking Structured and Unstructured Data

November 2016

Listen to experts from IBM, Estuate and AB Martin and prepare a comprehensive data privacy strategy while addressing compliance regulations

Casinos Are a Hackers Dream:

Learn How to Protect Yourself from a Breach

August 2016

Increasingly, the gaming industry has become a top target for cyber criminals. In July 2016, the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Las Vegas reported its second massive data breach, and other gaming institutions like FireKeepers and Peppermill Resort Spa & Casino have become recent victims of cyber attacks. Watch this webinar, presented by IBM and ABMartin, to learn where breaches are most likely to occur, the costs of data exposure, and steps to take to protect both your structured and unstructured data.

How to Secure Your Biggest Vulnerability:

Unstructured Data

June 2016

Last year, 46% of companies reported some type of data breach. Many companies have protected their structured data, but what about unstructured data like PDFs, MS Office documents, and other sensitive personal information? Unstructured content accounts for 80% of data generated today, making it an easy target for hackers. Watch this recorded webinar to learn why IBM and Informatica partner with ABMartin to help protect their customers, and see a demo of U-Mask, the only solution available today that can securely mask unstructured data.

Stop Playing Games with Data Privacy

April 2016

Gaming industry firms face unprecedented security risks, as exemplified by public data breaches in recent years. Most gaming companies use well-known packaged software solutions from Agilysys, Bally and Infor to manage their gaming and hospitality functions. View this presentation to learn how masking solutions can protect the data held within these systems as well as across the enterprise. Plus, hear directly from the Las Vegas Sands on how masking solutions have helped them not only protect their structured and unstructured data, but also reduced data refresh times by 78%.